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Almost every month a new currency is going ICO, but not all the virtual currencies made a huge movement like the top 5!

5) Ethereum (ETC)- The new shining star in the crypto’s sky.

With an amazing rally this year, all the way from 11 USD per 1 Ethereum, to its peak above 400 USD

per 1 Ethereum, we can defiantly say: The Bitcoin is scared!

Since last year, this spectacular currency rose more than 7100 %!!!

Let’s calculate how much money you lost because you missed that:

With 500 USD back to 2016, you could make 10,2000 USD right for today!

You lost more than 10,000 USD since last year because you missed the lowest entry point!


4) LiteCoin (LTC)- The constant!

Another great virtual currency! The LiteCoin is based on Blockchain technology which is the

Most secure system today in this market, the company will do everything to protect your money

and improve the service which is the key for success in the capital market for the very long term.

Performance: Above 600% gain in less than 6 months!  It means, above 100% a month!

3) Ripple (XPR)– Young the promising!

The Ripple created and designed to be the next public online payment solution, without extra fee from your bank or a high volatility every interest decision from the central bank, this virtual currency look promising! Since March 2017, the Ripple jumped 8,000% and now is

standing ‘only’ on 3,700% gain in less than 6 months!!!

2) Dash (DASH) – Use it anywhere!

“Boss, I need a raise, the USD is crashing again, my money is worth less now, much less”.

With Dash you don’t have to worry about that! Your boss can pay you with Dash and you can use it in thousands of websites and physics stores! That makes the Dash great!

You have nothing to worry about your boss or your job, because with an asset that made 300% within 5 months you can make a living with trading online!


  • Bitcoin- The best of the best!

The famous one! Made many people rich overnight.

This crazy virtual currency is ON FIRE since the beginning of the year with more than 350% growth! Do you understand what it means? If you would invest 10,000 USD in this asset only 8 months ago, right now you could have 35,000 USD net profit!

The bitcoin is only 1 out of the top 5! Don’t let this happen to you again with the Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, and Dash and much more cryptocurrencies, so many people without any experience in trading online made fortune thanks to Bitcoin, now this is your time to make your fortune!


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