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James, Sally and Anton didn’t think their ingenious idea to pay for tuition will lead them to this moment. With the three making $1.7 million over the past 10 months, the thing bothering them most as I sit to have a chat with them, seems to be deciding whether to postpone college to focus on their newly acquired trade.

The three best friends that met in college were always passionate about all things tech. Naturally, the cryptocurrency phenomenon did not miss their attention.

“I heard of Bitcoin really early on. The concept was beautiful – but I never thought of it from the perspective of profit”, says Sally. “I still remember us dreaming of how this can be the next revolution, but beyond admiring the technology itself, we thought little of the perspective of it being a financial opportunity.

It wasn’t until a year later, when we challenged ourselves to make a bit of money covering last year’s tuition, in the midst of idea brainstorming, that Bitcoin came back to our sphere of thought.

Anton, explaining the simplicity of their trading method

Problem was – Bitcoin was already trading at $2500 a piece at the time.”

“True, and between the three of us, we had $973 in our collective possession that day” Sally laughs.

Most brokers at the time had a minimum required deposit for opening a new account that was conveniently just under our budget, and with the standard toolbox financial institutions provide, leverage was now a tool at our disposal. We felt quite comfortable with our ability to execute that plan, so we got to it.

We started off with a $500 account, sounds funny now, but that was the inception of it all. I guess since we approached it as a challenge to ourselves, and the sum being not really that much of a life changer we allowed ourselves to just approach it with ease, as a fun experiment, figuring that worst case we just go and wait some tables for a couple of weeks at some café.

We did give it all of our hearts, and set long nights analyzing numbers and making calculations.The biggest shock came when reaching our initial $3000 goal took us 9 hours.”

James keeps on working to the very moment we sit for the interview

And now… They Are Teaching Others

In the last 3 months, the guys were focused on assembling a course that includes every single one of their techniques.

Now, just a moment before the rollout – they decided to give their course at an introductory price during their June launch.

“It is extremely important for us to get a real life feedback from a large group of students about our education system. We’ve put a lot of effort into the flow and want to make more success stories happen before releasing it. That’s why it’s important for us to admit people willing to put the time and effort to execute what we’re teaching.” Says Sally.

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Can This Course Help Me Do the Same in Just 9 Hours?!

“Believe me, we were way more shocked than you are. We made peace with the idea of those $500 turning into 0 within a day, but committed to trying for the fun of it.

No useful information or easy to follow methodology was available anywhere online – so we had to do all of the planning ourselves, involving a heck of a lot of guesswork and unneeded calculations. Looking backwards, have we done everything the way we know how to today – it wouldn’t take us over 3 hours to do the same.

In some ways, for most, today’s situation is even more challenging – with the influx of overall crypto currency related information online, finding the valid and tested info became even harder.

That was when Josh, James’ uncle, saw the opportunity in making exactly that type of information accessible to others.

Developing our own course was the next natural step: our methodology proved to be so simple that the entire process of laying it out was probably one of the most fulfilling things we’ve ever done, and unlike how things work in the world of business, not only didn’t we have to be concerned of opening the market to competition, but the more successful long term active traders we could bring on board – the better it would be for us and the entire ecosystem: more people trading, means actually growing the market cap of the sector.”

I know you guys are really big on math and research. But I’m wondering, could an average person follow your ways?

“Well, first of all I feel anyone with enough enthusiasm who’s willing to put in a few hours of their time in it definitely can make it. Frankly, as math guys I feel we overcomplicated too many processes at the beginning and it might just have hindered our initial growth. So in that respect, most people are actually at a far better starting point than we were at when we started.”

It is at that moment that I realized, I’m sitting at a spacious 23rd floor office with an incredible view, speaking about trading with guys that just a couple of years ago couldn’t legally drink a beer.

So, how about that college dilemma?

James: “Well, personally I haven’t given up on it. Finishing my physics major is a lifelong dream and I trust my brother to take over when I start next year. Plus, I can really keep on trading taking a free hour every other day”

Anton: “Indeed, it is true now that we have the know-how, trading in itself wouldn’t take more than a few hours a week. So it’s not about time. Personally I’ve just always seen college as a means to financial prosperity, and now that I have achieved that, there are other things in life I want to pursue. Start-ups, traveling, experiencing all that life has to offer to the fullest, without any glass ceiling or limitations people have to usually struggle with going about their own.”

Sally: “Frankly, I haven’t decided yet. Maybe one day in the future, I’ll come back to my studies full time. If there’s one thing all this has taught me, it’s that learning and acquiring knowledge doesn’t necessarily have to come from college. In any case, for now I already have my year long trip to Asia planned starting January. Priorities.”

I want to express my gratitude to James, Sally and Anton for taking the afternoon to welcome me at their offices.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is already at an unbelievable $6,500 high, making me wonder just how many more guys all around the world will be the next ones to have their lives take such an amazing leap forward.

One thing sure, I’m definitely going to dive into it myself. Already counting the days for my tutoring to commence.

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